Saving Energy - Refrigerator Replacement

Refrigerators use lots of energy. The older the fridge, the more energy it will use. For many low-income households, the refrigerator represents the biggest power consumer and best opportunity for electrical energy savings.  The new DOE Low-Income Weatherization guidelines now encourage Weatherization providers to evaluate refrigerator replacement as an energy efficiency measure. is offering the  4-1850WX power meter, designed to help Weatherization agencies assess refrigerator replacement savings in compliance with the NEAT audit.  A special peak power feature allows the auditor to determine if a defrost cycle occurred during the monitoring period.  For more information, Click Here.

DOE Approved Refrigerator Replacement Audit Tool

The DOE requires that an approved electrical audit tool be used to demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of a refrigerator replacement.  Until your agency's audit software has incorporated such calculations, DOE has approved the use of refrigerator replacement software developed by  To download your free copy, click the link below.

Click Here to Download Audit Software You will need Microsoft Excel version 5.0/95 or later to run this software.  If your Internet browser opens up the spreadsheet when you click the link, you will need to use the File, Save As menu command to save the spreadsheet to your hard drive.  Any questions or problems, e-mail us at [email protected].

Newsletter Articles

Here are three articles from our newsletter that will help agencies implement effective refrigerator replacement programs.

New Savings Opportunity for Weatherization Providers:  This article explains changes to the DOE standards that now allow for refrigerator replacement.  Measured savings and case studies are also discussed.  Opportunities for bulk purchasing of efficient refrigerators are presented.

Power Meters Determine Refrigerator Savings:  This article describes how the Brand Digital Power Meter, available at, can be used to identify which refrigerators should be replaced.

Digital Power Meter makes Client Education Work:  The Brand Digital Power Meter is an incredible tool for demonstrating electrical energy usage to your clients.

Useful Links for Refrigerator Energy Savings Info 

New York City Housing Authority Refrigerator Replacement Case Study:  This article describes a New York City program that is scheduled to replaced over 180,000 refrigerators to achieve energy savings.

Super-Efficient Apartment-Sized Refrigerator Initiative:  This program provides a bulk purchasing opportunity for efficient refrigerators to public housing and Weatherization agencies.  A separate web site with additional info about the program is:

Most Efficient Refrigerators:  ACEEE's (American Council for an Energy Efficiency Economy) list of the most efficient refrigerators on the market today.

Refrigerator Replacement Criteria Study:  A summary of a study that determined criteria for replacing refrigerators.