Digital Power Meter makes Client Education Work

Nowhere is client education more effective than in reducing electric bills. More than 50% of a typical homeís energy cost is due to lights and appliances.

But, clients canít see what a light bulb or a TV thatís on 18 hours a day is costing them. Air sealing and insulation can provide instant comfort improvement, but there is no immediate feedback with electricity savingsóonly a monthly combined electric bill.

A 500 watt halogen torchier seems like a good deal; you can get lots of light out of one inexpensive lamp. But what does it cost to operate? Or, the waterbed heater that only comes on once in awhile.? How about that electric space heater in the back room? Or, the dozens of hidden loads caused by TVís and stereos that are off!

The Brand Digital Power Meter calculates and displays monthly costs, so clients can see the cost of the appliance. Swap out the 100 watt incandescent light bulb with a compact fluorescent in a lamp and show your client the difference. SEEING IS BELIEVING. The next time they need to replace a lamp, thereís a better chance they will go for the $10 CFL instead of the 50 cent incandescent light bulb.

Electric utilities are using the Brand Digital Power Meter to assist high bill customers. They simply loan out Power Meters to customers to let them find out first hand what appliances are responsible for their electric bills.

Elementary School programs use the Power Meter to teach kids more about electricity and how itís used.

Alaska AmeriCORP volunteers use the Power Meter to assist homeowners in finding ways to save energy.

Give a Power Meter to your crew members to identify potential savings in their own homes. Itís a perfect training tool for staff.

Client education works. The Brand Power Meter is an incredible tool to demonstrate the opportunities to your clients. Itís simple to use, easy to read, and affordable. No Wx program should be without one.