Runtime DataWatcher Technical Specifications

PC Requirements:  WatchLink software requires Window 95, 98, or NT.  7 MB free disk space required.

Operating Temperature Range: 32 - 158 F for Runtime DataWatcher.  Flue Sensor can operate in Flues up to 900 deg F.

Heating System Types:  The flue sensor can be used with all fuel-fired heating systems except those that condense flue gas to achieve 90%+ efficiency.

Size/Weight: 5.25” x 3.06” x 1.44”, including mounting flanges, 7.5 ounces including batteries.

Memory Capacity: 16,290 hourly readings (678 days).

Sampling Interval: On/Off status of the monitored device is checked every 1.2 seconds.

Resolution: The runtime for the hour is stored as an 8-bit number, but two resolution ranges are used. For runtimes less than 50%, the runtime is stored to the nearest 0.286%; for runtimes greater than 50%, the runtime is stored to the nearest 0.625%.

Runtime Accuracy: For the Motor/Appliance sensor, accuracy is primarily determined by the Sampling Interval specification. For the Flue sensor, the error is generally less than 2 seconds per On cycle.

Clock Accuracy: If the unit is operated at temperatures between 59 and 95 F, the DataWatcher clock should be accurate to within 15 minutes per year. If operated at 32 F, error is less than 30 minutes/year. If operated at 158 F, error is less than 1 hour/year.

Battery Type and Life: Three AA Alkaline batteries are used. Expected battery life is 2 years.